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EDGAR (Enhanced Digital Green Assessor), increases productivity of a green assessment by 10-50x. it allows for Do-it-Yourself (DIY) technical analysis in green projects  without the need for deep technical skills. It also prevents duplication of efforts that are common in the industry due to lack of an effective technical data sharing structure.

EDGAR is best suited for building owners/facility managers, sustainability managers and Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD) consultants, who would like to do pre-qualification and initial assessment of buildings. It includes benchmarking, baseline report generation, auto and manual simulation of a wide range of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs). One EDGAR license allows to do multiple building simulations and at multiple times as and when required. See full list of features below

Features of BtrLyf-EDGAR

BrLyf Open Digital Twin Map

Open Access Digital Twins for Sustainability Assessment

Explore the Digital Built Environment using a GIS based map of buildings in a city. Search sustainable buildings on the map and click on them to get a quick overview of their features and sustainability potential. Get custom alerts on changes in building information and 'claim buildings' to start working on improvement projects

Search, Compare & Benchmark Building Performance

BtrLyf Search & Compare Buildings

Users can also 'Search' buildings using multiple criteria such as building typology, gross floor area, year built and sustainability performance (energy use intensity, energy savings potential, etc.). The 'Compare'  feature allows to compare up to 4 buildings at a time and instantly generate and download a comparison report e.g. for project and presentation work.

BtrLyf Add Data tool

Add Data to Buildings

BtrLyf Premium

Add buildings data and securely collect data in an intuitive and well organized format that also performs calculations on the fly so you do not need to keep on adding into each data field individually. Add basic or advanced data and leave the rest to our Machine Learning algorithms to generate a baseline performance report for the building instantly.

Auto & Manual Performance Simulation

BtrLyf Premium

In a first-of-its-kind on-cloud performance simulation using building physics and machine-learning, get to know how building performance can be improved through auto-suggested or manually selected sustainable solutions ranging from building envelope, lighting to air-conditioning, controls and renewable energy.

BtrLyf User Account- My Buildings

User Management & Access Control

BtrLyf secure user access

Although BtrLyf is an open platform, it is designed with maximum security and data privacy in mind. Building owners/managers can invite only the relevant partners to work on their performance improvement projects along with them. They can also decide what data is to be shared openly and what data is to be kept confidential. The secure APIs can connect to further services only with appropriate authentications on both ends. Furthermore, by adding new partners to the platform and allowing them secure login access, the repetitive task of sharing data with multiple parties can be avoided altogether. 

Download Whitepaper: Using BtrLyf-EDGAR for Instant Digital Green Assessment of Buildings

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