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GReen Auto CErtification (GRACE) helps streamline green building certification data and get automation to work for you. GRACE will significantly enhance the productivity of green building certification projects.

GRACE is best suited for consultants and sustainability teams that are involved in green building certification projects. Rather can keeping data and tracking in spreadsheets and personal or even shared folders, GRACE provides a 24x7 access to the Green Building Certification project data along with score tracking, documentations, regulatory submission and collaborative secure access. See full list of features below

Features of BtrLyf-GRACE

Digital Repository for Certification Data


GRACE eliminates the need to store valuable reports, project evidence and documentation on individual computer and laptops. A single repository linked to the project can collect and store all versions of data for easy reference and use, even for future recertification projects. It further helps to manage different projects in one location, even with different team members and different green certification criteria. GRACE uses world-class cloud services. This means you no longer need to worry about machine crashes as well as lost backups. All data is stored on the cloud and available anytime for access.

Real-time Scorecard for Certification Projects


There is considerable time lost in customizing a scoring spreadsheet as well as editing it on a regular basis to understand project progress and present it to relevant stakeholders. GRACE makes this task very easy. A real-time scorecard tracks the project progress which allows for instantaneous collation and tracking of project progress. One click reportage makes it easy to share the report to stakeholders.

Automatic Calculations and Instant reports

BtrLyf Add Data tool

Green certification credits need some form of simple calculations. These calculations are usually done by consultants in spreadsheets and then results are populated into reports for submission. GRACE provides the user with automated calculation for several credits across the certification scheme saving valuable time for the certification consultant and the team. Since GRACE is available on the cloud any project team member can use GRACE to explain project progress very quickly to a client or other team members during progress meetings. The visual and functional dashboards allow for quick summaries and understanding of project progress for non-experts.

Collaboration & Team Management

BtrLyf Collaboration

GRACE helps in the facilitator or project manager with the ability to assign tasks, set deadlines and set automatic follow-ups within the platform so that various stakeholders are actively pursued to achieve project goals. Since GRACE is a cloud-based tool, it is available anytime. As long as a stakeholder is given a login, they can access the project as well as see project progress within the platform. Stakeholders need not worry about disturbing colleagues for project updates over weekends, holidays or after hours. Direct access and update is possible owing to cloud access.

BtrLyf User Account- My Buildings

User Management & Access Control

BtrLyf secure user access

Although BtrLyf is an open platform, it is designed with maximum security and data privacy in mind. Building owners/managers can invite only the relevant partners to work on their performance improvement projects along with them. They can also decide what data is to be shared openly and what data is to be kept confidential. The secure APIs can connect to further services only with appropriate authentications on both ends. Furthermore, by adding new partners to the platform and allowing them secure login access, the repetitive task of sharing data with multiple parties can be avoided altogether. 

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