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BtrLyf- PRIA


PRIA (Product Inclusion in Assessment) helps product suppliers, resellers and vendors to include their products for digital assessment in our EDGAR tool. Currently, the best technical sales tool used by most solution providers and resellers is ‘case studies’ of other projects that have benefited from their solution. The quantification of benefits for the proposed new project are mostly done only after the project is secured or when an initial agreement is reached with the potential buyer.  This quantification  is done with the help of  qualified internal technical staff or third-party experts, which increases the cost and time of the sales cycle. 

PRIA helps your product to be featured in the auto and manual simulation of building performance improvement projects on the platform for AI-matched buildings. It also auto calculates the benefits and financials of applying the specific product as a Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) in the green building of choice. See full list of features below

Get your products or solutions on BtrLyf-PRIA

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Features of BtrLyf-PRIA

BtrLyf-PRIA automated technical sales

Add products to PRIA

PRIA helps product suppliers, resellers, and vendors to include their products for digital assessment. It allows for quantification and qualification of solutions to a higher degree of granularity and AI-enabled matching. PRIA customers get included as qualified products for the “auto” generated and interactive advisory (auto-simulation and manual-simulation) for improving the building performance in short, medium, and long term. 

Products get ready for specific impact assessment

BtrLyf Autosim

In a first-of-its-kind on-cloud performance simulation using building physics and machine-learning, BtrLyf estimates building performance and guides users on how it can be improved through sustainable solutions ranging from building envelope, lighting to air-conditioning, controls and renewable energy. Once a specific solution or product is added to the BtrLyf AI Green Assessor, via PRIA, its ready for analysis on thousands of buildings in the city. The analysis includes energy saving potential, costs and payback calculations of the product specific to the chosen building.

Get the power of the network to present solutions

Insurance Consultation

The best part is that the solution provider or reseller need not do the analysis themselves all the time. It will be done by any consultant, engineer, building owner/manager, student, professor, regulator or even financier who has some interest in green buildings in the city. This is a powerful business proposition for solution providers and resellers to get an edge over the competition in a rapidly digitalizing world. It not only saves time and effort on qualification and quantification of their products to prospective buyers, but it also helps build the brand. 

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