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Why Do

Virtual Energy Audits?

01. Time Efficient

Buildings mean business, and its highly costly and tedious to perform energy audits on operating buildings and keep on trying new ways to improve performance. The virtual environment offers a smarter way to audit and evaluate opportunities in a quick and cost-effective way. It can be repeated several times without costing much and can offer accurate performance evaluation of  improvements or energy saving measures much ahead of time. 

02. Cost Efficient 

The benefits of our approach are substantial time and cost savings. A entire portfolio of buildings can be audited and prepared for retro-commissioning/retrofits within matter of weeks. Virtual audits are 50-70% faster and 60-80% cheaper than traditional on-site audits. They are also useful in accurately assessing the ‘whole building’ energy savings potential rather than only focusing on sub-systems such as the central chiller/heating system alone.

03. Holistic

The approach is more holistic and covers sub-systems and their interactions with the overall building performance. It can be also used for validating performance post retrofits and on a continuous basis.

04. Customised

Every building is different and not all energy saving measures are impactful in each case. The Virtual Environment modeling and simulation of your building will reveal opportunities that are unique and customized for your business needs.  

05. Systematic & Accurate

Our process starts by collection of basic data from buildings to create their virtual models. This can be a breeze if BIM or  other design-stage modeling exist. Next, we create the building virtual model or 'Digital Twins' and simulate its performance. This is followed by a validation phase to ensure the model is calibrated and accurate enough to represent the real building. Once validation is done, the fun starts! 

What's more, we are compliant with accuracy requirements of leading industry standards such as ASHARE and IPMVP!

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