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We are now on the list of KPMG's latest Real Estate Innovations

Yipee!, we made it the list of latest international Real Estate Innovations Overview (REIO-2021) compiled annually by KPMG Real Estate.

KPMG published its 6th Edition of the overview report in June 2021. This overview underlines the dynamics within the Real Estate industry, containing a record amount of nearly 740 innovations. Innovation is essential, and the need for the industry to embrace

innovation in long term business strategies is inevitable.

BtrLyf is featured as one of the innovations in the 'Digitizing Process' category of the report. The report describes BtrLyf as a a green assessment-as-a-service platform that helps accelerate sustainable development through digitalization. Its AI-powered building simulation engine aggregates multiple sources of data, including open source, API linked, and user entered data for performance insights and retrofit analytics. This results in reduced transaction time, sales cycles, investment risk and improved productivity of business process by up to 10x for the green building industry.

Download the full report here:

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