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BtrLyf launches new Benchmarking Calculator

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

The simplified Benchmarking calculator allows for building's energy performance to be compared to other buildings in the city in the same category. Based on the Gross Floor Area (GFA) and the Annual Energy Consumption, the calculator calculates the Energy Use Intensity (EUI) and compares it to other buildings in the city of the same type (e.g. office, hotel, retail or mixed development building).

Building Energy Benchmarking

It further shows a Energy Benchmark score i.e. whether the building lies in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th quartile or in the top 10% of the building energy performance in the city. Also, it calculates the potential energy and cost savings, if the building were to achieve 1st quartile energy performance. Total carbon emission related to energy use in the building (i.e. Scope-2 emissions) and calculated potential carbon savings are also shown.

Building Energy Benchmarking and Carbon Calculation

You can print or email the results as a quick benchmarking report to anyone you need to.

This calculator is purely based on benchmarking the building performance with other buildings in the city and uses well known references such as the BCA Building Energy Submission System (BESS) report in the calculations.

Currently, the calculator is only available for benchmarking with buildings in Singapore and covers the following commercial building types: Office, Hotels, Retail and Mixed Developments. Other cities in the region and other building types maybe made available soon.

We recommend using the BtrLyf-EDGAR tool to get much more accurate and actionable insights into building energy consumption and ways to achieve super low energy or net zero energy performance at the best return on investment (ROI).

BtrLyf EDGAR tool helps to:

1) Understand detailed energy consumption breakdown

2) Suggest Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) to achieve the desired energy savings

3) Do a cost-benefit analysis of energy savings measures (Capex, ROI)

4) Select ECMs on your own to achieve customized results

5) Connect to technology and solution providers to implement and improve energy performance.

Know more about BtrLyf-EDGAR tool and start using it for free here.

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