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COP26 and digital green assessment of buildings

At COP26, experts are urging commercial real estate to be more sustainable to reach crucial climate-action goals. The largest challenge for the industry is retrofitting buildings to be more sustainable. Buildings can save 20% to 60% in operating costs through proven green retrofit measures with an excellent return on investment. However, building industry players do not have the tools to easily identify and quantify energy-saving opportunities, evaluate the latest technological solutions and access financing options. They end up spending a lot of time in the administration of green projects and finding the right partners to work with.

Green Assessment or audit of a building helps determine where specifically and how efficiently the building is using its resources. It's the first step in determining the current performance and then developing improvement plans for efficient resource use. The lack of a holistic approach, combined with the gaps and the disconnect associated with data access, has made the current green assessment process overly technical, expensive and cumbersome. It makes the low-carbon transition of the built environment very sluggish.

BtrLyf-EDGAR (Enhanced Digital Green Assessor), has an open and user-friendly non-technical interface that triggers alignment of priorities, enables data sharing and increases productivity of a green assessment by 10-50x. EDGAR is best suited for building owners/facility managers, sustainability managers, ESCOs and Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD) consultants, who would like todo initial assessment of buildings for planning their sustainability efforts and developing low-carbon roadmaps.

But just how accurate are digital tools like EDGAR in modeling building performance and predicting the impact of energy conservation measures? In the in inaugural whitepaper released by BtrLyf, a study done on 120 buildings in Singapore is presented along with the determination of the accuracy of the EDGAR digital assessment tool.

Download the full whitepaper here.

Let's all take action to reverse the ill effects of climate change as quickly as possible!

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