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BtrLyf Platform is Launched

01 September 2020

The BtrLyf (pronounced as 'Better Life') platform was launched today on the occasion of the International Built Environment Week (IBEW 2020).

The platform aims to create a 'better life' for the built environment stakeholders by providing digital tools that enable sustainability assessment and a huge database of building sustainability champions and solutions. Available via a convenient cloud interface with 3D virtual map of buildings, the platform features include, Adding data to buildings for energy assessment, simulating energy performance and creating a global marketplace for sustainable solutions and champions.

See a full list of features here:

The platform works on a subscription basis, however for limited time, registration is free. Thousands of buildings (only Singapore buildings available now) and building expert profiles are available on the platform for users to choose from and work on for their projects. Users can also add their own solutions, projects, building data and get connected to the built environment ecosystem.

Review the BtrLyf Youtube channel to know more abut the platform and its features:

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