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Qi Square secures strategic investment from SoftTech Engineers Ltd.

SoftTech Engineers Ltd (NSEI: SOFTTECH), announced its strategic investment in Singapore-based start-up Qi Square Pte Ltd. Softtech Engineers is a leading IT company with 25 years of expertise facilitating business & technology transformation across the Architectural Engineering Construction (AEC) industry. Equipped with 25 years of deep domain expertise and industry knowledge, SoftTech has helped more than 4,500 clients in India and around the world to gain a competitive digital edge in the industry.

Qi Square recently launched its digital built environment ecosystem platform named ‘BtrLyf’ (pronounced ‘Better Life’, available at BtrLyf is a unified platform that helps the co-creation of sustainable buildings by enabling digital collaboration and AI-enabled assessment of green buildings and related solutions. BtrLyf is available on an open cloud-based interface with applications specially designed to enhance the workflow and significantly lower the costs and time required to do green projects. It supports activities such as energy/carbon analysis, technology fit analysis, green certification assessment, and financial due diligence. These applications are provided to the industry in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and include EDGAR: Enhanced Digital Green Assessor, PRIA: Product Inclusion in Assessment, LISA: Listing of Industry Specialist App, and GRACE: Green Auto Certification.

This strategic and technology alliance marks the combined synergies of the two companies in extending the BtrLyf platform. Commenting on this alliance, Mr. Vijay Gupta, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director at SoftTech Engineers Limited, said, in the backdrop of the need for urgent global climate action, this innovative platform will help accelerate the productivity of green projects through digitalization. He further added that the cloud-powered and AI-based platform will enable acceleration of the decarbonisation efforts in the built environment industry. “We will work with the dynamic and energetic BtrLyf team to enhance the platform and connect with our CAD/BIM-based permit system”, added Mr. Gupta.

Mr. Nilesh Jadhav, co-founder, and CEO of Qi Square expressed his enthusiasm over this strategic partnership and said that it will help the company grow strengths on its mission to provide cutting edge digital technologies for the green building industry and support Singapore’s Green Plan 2030 objectives. He further added, “our partnership with Softtech opens up new avenues to boost the building industry sustainability efforts through enhanced digitalization and end-to-end green project execution support on full digital mode”.

Singapore Sep 13, 2021 (

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